Simple and Effortless
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Re-imagine your
desktop infrastructure

Frictionless Scalability

Easily scale the number of virtual desktops with pay-as-you-grow economics.

Handle Peak Performance

Execute peak performance requirements with frictionless scalability.

Data Protection

Protect mission critical workloads with built-in data recovery and resiliency.

Fast Performance

Provide blazing fast performance to end users with all flash architecture.

Centralized management

Desktop resources are pre-configured in templates and deployed with one-click.

Take Your Data to the Edge

Desktop and application virtualization (VDI) has emerged as a powerful tool to address a variety of IT challenges. Top challenges include growing end-user support costs, servicing remote and branch offices, improving information and application security, and tackling initiatives such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and teleworking. Within enterprises VDI roll-outs suffer unpredictable performance and costs—restricting enterprises from delivering a flexible, mobile computing experience for end users and a consolidated management for IT.

Midfin Systems eliminates friction in scaling up or down datacenter hardware through a holistic integration of networking, compute, and storage into a seamless hyperconverged infrastructure—all while providing a centralized management experience for IT.


Re-imagining Desktop Infrastructure

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Seamless Access

  • Secure access through browser without a plugin
  • Deliver continuity across devices, no matter where users are located
  • Enable BYOD via browser sandbox isolation

Secure Network

  • Apply security policies in zones to prevent breakout
  • Disable access using white-list or black-list

Connect Remote Employees

  • Deploy desktops anywhere in the world
  • Easily move desktops to traveling employee locations

Specialized Desktops

  • Allocate highest QoS/SLA to high performance zones
  • Organize users based on resource and business need


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