Remote and Branch Office

Better serve your customers with
unified remote site management.

Effortless Management

Eliminate the need for specialized skills on-site with a single, centralized management.

Quick and Easy Deployment

Virtualized infrastructure is set up in less than 60 minutes by central IT and shipped to remote sites ready to plug-and-play.

Business Continuity

Keep applications up and running with continuous data replication and resilient, self-healing infrastructure with rapid fault isolation and resolution intelligence.

Flexible Growth

Start small and scale linearly with your business goals using affordable open hardware.

Unify Your Business
One Location at a Time

Enterprise branch offices and locations, such as banking branches, retail stores, and manufacturing plants, are critical components of an enterprise ecosystem. These locations serve as physical touchpoints with customers and are essential cogs in enterprise operations. Unfortunately, the IT infrastructure in these locations is incapable of fully supporting the crucial activities that happen there.

Customer experience is negatively affected and employee productivity is decreased due to poor application performance in remote sites. Latency problems frequently occur during high volume WAN periods causing customer-facing application to run less efficiently. In case of intermittent network outages—especially in rural areas and in emerging markets—application availability is completely jeopardized. Sadly, remote locations usually do not have the necessary IT infrastructure budget to invest in comprehensive storage solutions and hire on-going IT experts to monitor and fix the on-premise infrastructure.

eFabric® technology holistically integrates remote locations into a streamlined, central IT management platform—bringing the same central datacenter capabilities to branch office locations. IT experts in central location have a complete, granular overview and management of remote sites reducing the need for specialized skills on-premise. Hyperconverged infrastructure and breakthrough networking capabilities equip remote locations with data protection, secure network communications, and high application performance. In case of component failure, applications continue to run as if nothing happened with resilient, self-healing infrastructure that rapidly isolates faults and resolves problems using built-in diagnostic intelligence.


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