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Internet of Things

Computing for the Modern World

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Innovative approach to information processing at the edge of the Internet.

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Core Analytics

Reduce data flows by up to 65% to significantly reduce latency with analytic processing at the edge of the network.

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Data Security

Data is protected as it travels from the network edge to its final datacenter location.

Take Your Data to the Edge

Internet of Things (IoT) is the next generation of technological innovation that fundamentally changes the way we interact with and see the physical world. IoT uses sensors to collect continuous streams of data that yield incredible, real-time insight into the environment around us. Advanced, real-time analysis of the data helps us determine how machines are performing, detect when maintenance is needed prior to a component failing, understand how we are utilizing resources, and obtain other intelligent information across different industry verticals.

The aggregate information gathered about our physical environment can help an enterprise discover new business models, become more efficient, and make informed strategic decisions. However, processing and analyzing immense amounts of information requires a great deal of computing power and, as IoT applications get more sophisticated, low-latency will become detrimental for IoT success.

Midfin Systems takes an innovative approach to information processing by placing cloudlets—small scale, cloud-like datacenters—near the location where IoT computing happens. Cloudlets perform core analytic services such as data thinning, summarization, processing, and storing at the edge of the internet. Then data is securely forwarded to its end-point, datacenter or public cloud location where it is stored and analyzed. This process reduces data flows by up to 65% compared to off-loading sensor data directly to the public cloud or the enterprise datacenter. Similarly, cloudlets reduce latency by sending already processed information for analysis.


Secure Cloud Infrastructure Optimizied for IoT

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