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Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure

Integrate your on-premise and co-location infrastructure with Microsoft Azure

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Single pane of glass remote management

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Burst into Microsoft Azure as you scale

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Zero dependency on 3rd party software

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What is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid cloud is the stepping stone to public cloud and legacy infrastructure consolidation—a way to use your existing infrastructure better, while also using the public cloud. 

In a hybrid model, the existing on-premise datacenter is modernized to a private cloud environment with fabric software as the underlying operating system. At the same time, the private cloud infrastructure is connected to the public cloud allowing consumption based pricing and availability of on-demand resources to accommodate unanticipated business demands.

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Why Hybrid Cloud?

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Legacy datacenter migration is difficult

The hybrid cloud model uses an underlying software-defined architecture to seamlessly connect the on-premise datacenter with the public cloud. The standardized architecture across the two environments allows for easy migration to and from the public cloud.

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Place business workloads where they make sense

Hybrid cloud provides independence from physical on-premise infrastructure giving the flexibility to move cloud-native applications and workloads to the public cloud. The on-premise infrastructure is used for stable, baseline performance, while the public cloud offers the option to set up and tear down test environments quickly.

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Meet security requirements for sensitive data

Having an option to keep workloads on-premise means retention of technical control for IT. Tighter control over where workloads are placed allows organizations to meet regulatory requirements and ensure security for sensitive client and company data.

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Optimize IT spending and investments

By modernizing existing infrastructure investments into an opex model IT can ensure return on existing hardware investments, while leveraging the pay-as-you-go consumption model of public cloud for setting up quick dev/test zones and during seasonal spikes and unanticipated business.

Why Midfin Systems and Microsoft Azure for Hybrid Cloud?

  • Extend your datacenter to Azure on demand and scale back
  • Lower your Azure bill for long-running workloads 
  • Predictable performance and cost 
  • Control your application deployment using autoscaling policies  
Why eFabric?
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Single-pane Remote Management

Manage your Microsoft Azure workloads within the eFabric Radar: a self-service SaaS portal.

Cloud Burst

Seamlessly scale your applications between Microsoft Azure and eFabric

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Consistent User Experience

Private cloud with equivalent services and constructs found in Microsoft Azure

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