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Enterprise Grade Virtualization

Pre-integrated Hypervisor

Eliminate expensive hypervisor lock-in with powerful and secure virtualization

Para-virtualization Support for Windows

Improve performance of Windows workloads with Microsoft certified storage and network drivers for Windows Server 2012 R2 and 2008 R2

Bare-metal Provisioning

Automaticly provision bare-metal servers

VM Operations

Create, delete, modify, power, start/stop, and export VMs

Intelligent VM Placement

Determined initial placement of virtual machines based on CPU, memory, and storage availability

Container Support

Built-in support for Docker containers

Remote Access

Access to virtual machines via a browser based remote console without installing agents or browser plug-ins

CPU Oversubscription

Enables efficient resource utilization

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Integrated Networking

Virtual Networking

Setup and configure layer-2 VLAN backed virtual networks

Network Function Virtualization

Built-in load balancing and firewalls

Network QoS

Control of network usage based on bandwidth

IP Management

Built-in IP management to assign static IP addresses to VMs

Adaptive Overlay Network

Seamlessy extend your network to the public cloud without requiring complex VPN setup or express route

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Enterprise Storage

Local Storage

Ephemeral storage for virtualized workloads (SSD and HDD)


Block level software defined storage for virtualized workloads (SSD and HDD)

Remote Attached Storage

Third party storage system (SAN, NFS, NAS devices) integration over standardized iSCSI interfaces

Fast Storage

Blazing fast block level storage - 45,000 IOPS per virtual disk

Disk level QoS

Control of storage consumption based on IOPS and bandwidth

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Elastic Scalability

Dynamic Scaling

Automatically discover servers after plugging into a controller and provision with one-click via the management portal

Elastic Load Balancer

Software defined load balancer for scaling new or existing applications

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Micro-segmented Security

Security Groups

Workload security with network traffic firewalls and AWS style security groups that eliminate the need for external firewalls and router

Zone Based Resource Isolation

Flexibly allocate your resources and assign them to different tenants and teams based on their unique requirements

Bank-grade Security

SSL encrypted channel between servers and control plane prevents man in the middle attacks

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Big data backend to monitor infrastructure and VM level metrics at 30 second intervals

Proactive Alerting

Reduce RTTD/RTTR by quickly understanding system behavior and remediate live site issues

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Data Protection

Asynchronous Remote Replication

Replication is set up in a few steps and failover is initiated with a single click from an intuitive management dashboard

Multi-site Replication

Availability is set up bi-directionally between two sites connected over a WAN with a round trip latency of less than five milliseconds

Unlimited Snapshots

Crash consistent snapshots of grouped application data

Integration with Backup Software Ecosystems

Support for Veeam and DataDomain backups

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Platform Resiliency

Automated High Availability

VMs automatically restart on healthy nodes in case of a node failure

Live Migration

VMs can be migrated across hosts in a Zone with zero downtime

Non-disruptive Software Updates

Software updates and patches are downloaded from the portal without any downtime to applications

Tunable Resiliency Factor

Data redundancy can be configured based on application SLAs and the criticality of the data set with a replication factor (RF) or two or three

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Cloud Capabilities


Automatically scale-up or scale-down applications based on usage

Metering and chargeback

A dollar amount can be assigned to resources to accurately meter usage across departments

Cloud Managed

SaaS-based management


Deploy workloads across regions and configure new regions from one console

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Centralized Management

Infrastructure Dashboard

Interactive widgets provide quick overview of the infrastructure utilization and allocation

Machine Blueprints

Policy based templates standardize resource assignment across the enterprise

Image Management

Register and cache golden images (qcow2, vhd, vmdk)

Inventory Management

Entire hardware inventory is available in real-time with access to on-demand inventory reports, summary of the entire IT landscape, and granular pre-node views

Quota Assignment

Manage and restrict infrastructure capacity by setting quotas

Role-based Access Control

Create tenants with RBAC-based users to restrict access as needed

Tag-based Resource Tracking

Tag resources and run advanced queries to get a set of resources matching a specified criteria

User Onboarding

One click onboarding of users with access control

CLI Based Management

Gives DevOps full-fidelity access to the cloud environment

SSH Key Management

SSH based logins to VMs using user provided keys

License Key Management

Integrated product activation and license key management

Cloud-Init Support

Integration with configuration management solution of your choice (Puppet, Chef, Ansible)

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Integrated Bug Reporting Experience

Directly report product issues and bugs to Midfin Systems Support team from the management portal

Product Documentation

Integrated product documentation within the management portal

Standard & Premium Support Options

24×7 real-time service is a click away and included for free within the platform

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