Enterprise Cloud

Inspired by how the largest cloud
providers operate their datacenters.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 60-70% by simplifying your datacenter operations and removing IT Silos.

Scale on demand

Linearly scale-out your IT infrastructure in hours as your business needs change with pay as you grow cloud economics.

Business Continuity

Disaster recovery and high availability for server workloads ensures no single point of failure.

Shrink Your Footprint

Cut physical server space by consolidating business critical enterprise workloads such as ERP, databases, and mail and communication servers.

Built-in Virtualization

No additional virtualization license to purchase.

Software-defined Cloud Infrastructure

Achieving the agility and efficiency of large cloud-providers is something enterprises aspire to do. Unfortunately, many organizations trying to build a private cloud on traditional IT infrastructure find themselves incurring more expenses and complexity than anticipated.

Midfin Systems creates the foundation necessary to transform the enterprise datacenter into a private cloud with eFabric®—the holistic software-defined infrastructure technology inspired by how the largest cloud providers run their datacenters. eFabric® turns your existing servers into intelligent machines by consolidating compute, storage, and network into a single pool of resources eliminating the need for separate products and IT siloes. A comprehensive management platform provides robust and granular monitoring of your host servers, disks, and networks. The metrics range from high level (CPU, Memory) to as granular as disk IOPS and raw hardware counters.

eFabric® operates on any open and commodity hardware giving you the freedom to choose what hardware to use. Choose to reduce TCO and use existing hardware or purchase the same open hardware configurations enjoyed by large cloud providers. Elastic scalability lets you start small—at 2U form factor—and linearly scale-out with pay as you grow cloud economics.

Business continuity is a core pillar of the eFabric® private cloud. eFabric self-healing properties actively scan for component failure and instantly re-routes data flows when something goes wrong. Meanwhile, mission critical data is automatically replicated in eStorage clusters, so if a server fails the data is preserved on another server. Tougher data protection measures can be taken by replicating data in in remote disaster recovery sites in case of an entire datacenter outage.


A limitless cloud experience—in your own datacenter.

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