Agile Infrastructure
for Successful DevOps


Move fast with confidence in a flexible, high-performance testing environment with one-click VM replication and snapshots.


Automate away complexity, orchestration, and manual routine steps with one-click infrastructure management and deployment. And keep developers and IT in sync.


Stabilize your infrastructure by introducing consistency across development, testing, and production environments using templates and zones to allocate resources.


Increase productivity and collaboration between dev, ops, QA, and other teams with self-service access to the tools they need without any IT involvement.

Develop and Test Applications to
Match the Speed of Your Business

As the backbone of your business, a substantial infrastructure is a crucial component for delivering continuous customer value in the digital economy. After all, infrastructure is the foundation on which complex revenue generating applications are built, maintained, and improved. But to think traditional infrastructure can support the forces that drive the 21st century business would be far from reality.

Today’s IT systems are being pushed to their limits—they cannot respond fast enough, they’re complex, they’re rigid, and most importantly, they’re fragile. Traditional infrastructure fails to provide a stable, flexible, and agile environment necessary for engineers to continuously deliver new experiences and fulfill customer promises.

DevOps practices—focused on agile software development, continuous integration and delivery, automation, and collaboration—have emerged to help engineers and IT be more responsive to changing business needs. eFabric® software-defined infrastructure helps organizations meet the pre-requisites of successful DevOps practices by automating away complexity, creating flexible, high performance test environments, and initiating consistency in resources utilization.




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