eFabric® is a distributed cloud infrastructure solution that makes it easy to provision, orchestrate and manage workloads running across datacenter, branch and edge locations. 

We are proudly a member of Intel Data Center Builders program. 

Awards and Recognitions

Rated as one of the top 25 technology startups by an eminent jury of technologists and entrepreneurs empaneled by CNBC. Invited to Microsoft Accelerator for later stage startups. Invited by Orange Fab Accelerator. Received several other industry awards.

What is eFabric®

eFabric® is a distributed cloud infrastructure solution delivered as SaaS. 

eFabric® consists of the following architectural components:

  • Data plane – Software-defined data plane that virtualizes compute, storage and network resources in physical servers
  • Control plane – SaaS based control plane that provides remote orchestration and management experience for data plane instance running anywhere in the world. 
  • REST API – The control plane exposes a REST API for scripting
  • Dashboard – Modern UX for remote administration and self-service


Low Overhead

No overhead of management servers and databases

Full Lifecycle

Full lifecycle support for virtual machines

High Agility

Get started in a matter of minutes and not weeks

Modern UX

Modern user experience for administrators and end-users

eFabric® Data Plane

eFabric® data plane virtualizes physical compute, storage and network resources using proven enterprise-grade hypervisors and best-of-breed open source technologies. Data plane instances running anywhere in the world are securely managed through the control plane.


Physical compute resources are virtualized using enterprise-grade hypervisor


Physical disks on the servers are virtualized into distributed block storage and object storage


Physical network resources are virtualized into logical VLANs, firewalls and load balancers

eFabric® Control Plane

eFabric® control plane runs in the cloud and enables easy provisioning, orchestration, management, monitoring and analytics for data plane instances around the world. It allows automatic placement of operating systems images and application workloads using a simple, secure and modern UX

Quick Start

Onboard in the order of minutes and start realizing the benefits of your cloud infrastructure


Multi-tenancy support for provisioning cloud infrastructure for various departments or clients.


Bank-grade encrypted channel for remotely configuring and managing your applications and users


Monitoring physical machines, virtual infrastructure, user activity and workloads.

Easy Onboarding

Add other administrators and end-users in seconds to get them onboarded.


Self-service for infrastructure administrators, tenant administrators and end-users


Life-cycle orchestration for servers, virtual machines, OS images, and application workloads.


Know the overall consumption, capacity constraints and tenant chargebacks

Technology Partners

We are supported by some of the top technology companies in the world who share our vision in providing easy-to-use technology solutions for various cloud-based workloads.

Channel Partners

We welcome Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Original Device Manufacturers (ODMs), Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who want to offer value-added cloud services to their customers.   

OEMs and ODMs

Integrating eFabric® data plane into your hardware provides you with new high-margin product line. You may also be eligible for a recurring revenue. 

CSPs and MSPs

Keep your customers. Directly bill and support them. We support you. Get started at low upfront costs.