Re-imagine your entire datacenter with EDGE—a hardware controller that transforms your existing datacenter into an intelligent, eFabric® infrastructure. EDGE brings advanced networking capabilities in a full-stack solution for a more powerful and more capable datacenter.


Specifically designed for a
holistic datacenter experience.

EDGE can converge or replace your existing layer 2 Top-of-Rack (ToR) switch—eliminating the need for a separate ToR switch.

Prepare for the unexpected—your
business keeps running even when
things don't go as planned.

Failure of one EDGE switch still provides full connectivity to all servers with built-in redundancy, so your workloads are protected against switch hardware failures.

Hardware that's optimized
for performance for a faster,
more powerful business.

EDGE doubles the bandwidth to and from servers with an active-active ToR configuration—slow applications are a thing of the past.

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Unique to EDGE:

Networking Capabilities

EDGE doubles as a layer 2 ToR Switch eliminating the need for a ToR switch.

Built-in Redundancy

Failure of one EDGE switch still provides full connectivity to all of the servers.

Optimized for Performance

Doubles the bandwidth to and from servers with active-active ToR configuration.

Security FlowWall™

FloWall™—a hardware accelerated firewall with support for IP Blacklisting secures the network.

General Features:

Completely Compatible

EDGE works with any server. No pre-certification required.

Effortless Deployment

Transform your datacenter within an hour and deploy workloads in minutes.

Scales on Demand

Plug-in additional EDGE controllers as your business needs change.

Data Protection

Self-healing infrastructure actively analyzes and corrects system failures.

Built-in Virtualization

Eliminate the need for hypervisor licenses with integrated virtualization.

Simplify your

infrastructure and

unlock your full potential

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